Keeping energy and heating costs manageable is always a concern during the cold months.
By effectively using an electric blanket to warm up, you will save more on energy and you’ll also get a restful night’s sleep.
Now that you have the electric blanket, how do you properly use and care for it ?
Read what our experts suggest ...


While an electric blankets is a very cost-effective way to heat your bed, following these 2 steps will save you even more.

STEP 1: Preheat heat the bed on Max Power for 30min prior to climbing under the covers.
STEP 2: Set the blanket temperature controller to level 1 for the remainder of the night.
This way you climb into a toasty bed and remain cozy throughout the night.


DON’T PUT ANYTHING ON TOP: Avoid putting anything on top of your electric blanket. Think of it as you do with other devices in your home that use electricity and heat, regardless of whether or not it’s turned on.

ALWAYS LAY IT FLAT ON THE BED: In the event your blanket is folded and turned on – whether accidentally or not – excess heat can build up and may cause the safety systems to render the blanket unusable.

STORE IT PROPERLY: Storing your blanket the right way is also important for your safety. Never fold an electric blanket to store it. Roll it up carefully to avoid kinking the elements and store safely where nothing will be placed on top - or simply leave it on the bed switched off and unplugged.

If you do decide to pack it away it should in a place where it won’t collect dust and lint. When you pack away your electric blanket after winter, rather than folding it up, you should roll it carefully, checking there are no kinks in the fabric. Folding an electric blanket could bend the internal wires, which could break over time. Also, don’t wrap the cord around the control unit. Rather loop the cord loosely to keep it from bending.

BE CAREFUL WITH THE CORD: When storing or using electric blankets, you need to be mindful of the cords as well. It’s especially important to not fold cords on top of one another in the ‘on’ mode but also when the product is switched off. Improperly folding the cords could damage them and may cause the blanket to malfunction.


In terms of CLEANING there are 2 types of electric blanket.
NON-MACHINE WASHABLE: but can be spot cleaned by hand - always allow to dry completely first before re-using it.

MACHINE WASHABLE: simply detach the control switch and wash the blanket on a cold water cycle in your front-loading washing machine - always allow to dry completely first before reusing it. When drying the blankets place it on a flat surface being care not to have folds or bends in the wire.
Try not to wash the blanket more than once a season.
Reading the manual is essential.
Never use a top-loader type washing machine.