How SHOULD  you keep yourself and your family safely warm, without relying solely on potentially energy-hungry electric heaters?


An electric blanket is the most energy-efficient heating appliance you can use - and therefore the most cost-effective way to stay warm this winter.

It costs just a few cents to use per 8-hour night (the same as a 60-watt lightbulb), certainly less than oil, gas or larger electric room and space heaters.

Why warm an entire room and climb into a cold bed? Using an electric blanket creates a safe, energy-efficient cocoon of warmth under the covers - where and when you need it most. 


Our products have a variety of safety features to protect you and your loved ones, offering you peace of mind:

- OVERHEAT AUTO PROTECTION:  If for any reason the blanket is damaged or subjected to unsafe use - it will automatically permanently switch off. You don’t have to worry about the blanket overheating after you fall asleep .
- TIMER: Choose how long you’d like your blanket to run for.
[Feature only available on the Heating Pad & Over Blanket ranges]
- INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: During our stringent manufacturing process we test our blankets multiple times and ensure the finished product conforms to international safety standards.

With over 40 years of  electric blanket manufacturing experience, you can trust us to keep you and your loved ones safe and warm..


- BETTER SLEEP: Electric blankets offer you comfort and if used correctly should aid in improved and restful sleep. Changes in temperature can interrupt your sleep, make you sick, and cause you to toss and turn all night. You can also be pulled from a deep sleep which leads to headaches, grogginess, and fatigue. An electric blanket keeps the temperature consistent, so your sleep cycle will not be disrupted.

- IMPROVED MOOD: Boost your mood because warmth naturally calms your body and mind. Your body uses a lot of energy to stay warm and, as a result, you may feel stressed or anxious on cold nights. Electric blankets help you to lower the amount of energy the body needs to keep a consistent body temperature and remain comfortable.

- RELIEVES PAIN: A known remedy for aches and pains is to apply heat therapy. The heat produced from an electric heating pad can help reduce muscle  tightness and cramps. While electric blankets are not made to ease major pains, they can promote blood flow in the body which can help with some minor aches, pains, or cramps.


Where possible, we use recycled materials in the construction of our electric blankets. We use recycled and harvested polyester. We do not use water, solvents or chemicals to manufacture our blankets.  Our factory is supplied with solar power for its power needs. We are committed to fully sustainable manufacturing by 2030.


While  blankets are made for sharing, the King , Queen & Double versions have dual controllers and 2 separate heating sections - one for each side of the bed - so you and your partner can each decide whether you want your side toasty, extra toasty or none at all. 
DUAL CONTROLLERS let you adjust settings during the night without disturbing your partner.